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I first did a little research on each herb to make sure I knew what these herbs were. For the most part my reading confirmed that these herbs were all safe and nutritious. I have to say that this tea is very easy to drink and has a slight naturally sweet taste. Yes, it did make me feel soothed immediately after I drank it. On Oahu, we don't get too much Vog, but I still can feel the difference when there is that heavy, still, thick feeling in the air. I usually try to stay indoors more, drink a lot of water and my Vog buster tea. My head seems to clear pretty quickly after sipping some. The best part is that this tea is very ineXpensive. For around $8.00 you can purchase a whole bag of it! Healing Dragons tea will now be in my cupboard!
Mom's Best Bets Blog (From a June 14,2010 Product review )

Thank you so much! I received the package with Monday's mail. I feel the relief!!! I am a believer! I also feel much calmer. I did not expect that. It is equally appreciated. Your product tastes so great, it needs no additions. I want to thank you for this product. I was suffering very badly. I am looking forward to it changing my life, and to trying your other products!                                     A.V.(Jan 2012) Hawaii

I've lived on the East side of the Big Island going on seven years now. In that seven years I have been dealing with terrible allergies which I have never experienced before moving here. For a while I was unsure my allergies were due to the vog and after paying careful attention to my allergies, I realized they coincided with the heavy vog. I tried everything natural, teas, sprays, pills, eye drops, etc. but nothing worked. Seven years of torturous days and one day I purchased your tea. Within a few sips the allergies were gone, and they stay gone. This morning I had the beginnings of a terrible allergy attack. I quickly made the tea and literally within a few sips, they were completely gone. I have such gratitude and are so thankful you made this tea. I am still shocked in astonishment that it works even after the allergies begin, time and time again. Mahalo nui loa for being in existence, your tea really did save my life...
L.M., Hawaii

You mentioned to me that this tea makes one feel soothing and relaxing....I feel that at night before going to bed around 9pm....usually it takes me hours.....tossing and turning to fall asleep.... ....since I tried a bag of it, I have been sleeping just about right off the bat.....I now wake up feeling refreshed and feel really good to do my work. It seems to me now, that I have more energy to work or do anything else.....in other words, I think it has changed my general attitude towards life! ... "I am no expert", but this is what has happened since I began to drink your wonderful tea. I know the mind over matter thing but it must be all the combination of the herbs mixed does something very good.....FOR ME. I wanted to know.....so I stopped drinking the tea the 2 nites and I tossed around like a tossed green salad again.....last night I drank it and here I am refreshed and feeling ready to go to work.....enthusiastic!! Thank you for introducing to us,something new and very effective ....for me it is any ways and it did help my itchy throat from our vog.....it did!
M.T., Hawaii

Thanks for the tea. I tried the tea and it quickly relieved a headache I have had since the vog was so bad earlier in the week. I think you have a great product there!                                                                                                             M.,  Hilo, Hawaii

I just visited friends on Maui and was given some Vog Buster Tea. I loved it but did not get a chance to buy any before leaving the island. Your tea is wonderful. It calmed my cough and tasted so good! This is the first tea I haven't needed to add sugar to. Please let me know how I can buy more of this tea. Thank you.
J.V., Oregon

Your tea is great! It helps me get to sleep and stay asleep! Thank You!
M.S., Colorodo

A portion of gross sales is donated to protect our planet and alleviate hunger
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A portion of gross sales is donated to protect our planet and alleviate hunger.