Looking for a vog remedy? 

Searching for relief from air pollution?

Relief from the effects of wildfire smoke?


Healing Dragons provides an easy strategy to cope with exposure to vog (volcanic emissions), air pollution, wildfire smoke, automotive and industrial pollution and  smog.  Vog Buster Tea can be used preemptively and/or after exposure to poor quality air. Thousands, in Hawaii and the mainland US, have enjoyed and benefited from Vog Buster Tea since its introduction in 2008.

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Check out  current  air quality conditions at Kilauea Volcano. Hawaii Volcano Observatory and NOAA provide other air quality links. Air quality conditions on the American continent can be seen here and here .
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"VOG BUSTER TEA" is an original and unique blend of herbs; smooth and delicious, high in beneficial and protective anti-oxidants, immune strengtheners and Omega 3 fatty acids. 

The herbs in Healing Dragons' "Vog Buster Tea" work together to help rebalance  inherent functional systems while improving the body's ability to cope with the effects of air pollution. Over centuries of traditional use, the herbs in "Vog Buster Tea" have been used to rebalance the Lung and Liver energetic systems for indications such as red, irritated and itchy eyes, headache, scratchy throat and difficulty breathing. "Vog Buster Tea" tea has also been reported to help with brain fog, jet lag,  provide a feeling of calm and well being and to improve vocal performance.

The ingredients in "Vog Buster Tea" are all natural herbs of the highest quality as used in oriental medicinal herbal traditions and have all been analysed, tested and certified safe by our California herbal suppliers.  The herbs are free of preservatives and have all been authenticated as to correct species. "Vog Buster Tea" is blended and bagged in California at an FDA compliant facility. The herbs used in "Vog Buster Tea" are extremely safe for adults and children.

Prunella, Uncaria, Perilla seed, Pyrola and Schizonepetae 
A portion of gross sales isdonated to protect our planet and alleviate hunger.


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