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Healing Dragons created Vog Buster Tea to be a delicious, healthful tea that can be enjoyed by anyone on a daily basis. The tea also happens to contain herbs that have been traditionally used by healers to resolve patterns of imbalance caused by exposure to polluted air such as smog, smoke and/or volcanic haze. These herbs have proven their efficacy over hundreds of years of traditional use in relieving the accompanying signs and symptoms of these patterns of imbalance.

In recent years, despite a paucity of funds available for research, clinical studies have substantiated many of the traditional uses of these herbs. Below, you will find referrences from “Chinese Medical Herbology & Pharmacology”(2) and “Chinese Herbal Medicine Matera Medica”(3) which are considered authoritative Matera Medica texts indicating traditional uses of herbs. We have also included ABSTRACTS of clinical studies from journals substantiating the symptomatic relief provided by the various herbs in our Vog Buster Tea, as well as their respective anti-inflammatory, soothing, anti-oxidative, immune system and health enhancing qualities.

Vog Buster Tea includes:

Perilla Seed – Traditionally this herb is used to relieve wheezing and shortness of breath(4) . Clinical studies show that Perlla seed is high in alpha-linoleic acid, a beneficial omega-3 fatty acid.(10,13) It is also rich in Rosemarinic acid (9,12) which has been shown to inhibit lung inflammation in response to diesel exhaust particles. (9) The high oil content of Perilla Seed also makes Vog Buster Tea pleasantly soft and soothing on the throat while drinking. Perilla Seed constituents have been shown to be beneficial for the asthmatic type symptoms of shortness of breath and wheezing(10,11) and allergic reactions.(12,14,15,17) Also, Perilla Seed has anti-oxidant properties that can enhance the immune system.(12,18)

Prunella vulgaris – Traditionally, this herb is used to clear Liver Fire patterns with symptoms of red eyes, swollen and painful eyes, headache(5) as well as strengthening the immune system. Clinical studies of Prunella vulgaris have shown the herb to have anti-inflammatory properties(21,22) that account for the herb’s effectiveness in reducing eye inflammation, anti-oxidative properties,(20,23) anti-viral properties (24) and immune stimulatory effects.(19)

Pyrola rotundafolia – In traditional use this herb is indicated for cough and asthma patterns(6) as well as soothing the throat. The herb is also used together with Prunella vulgaris as a basis for immune strengthening.(26) Clinical studies confirm the anti-inflammatory properties of this herb.(27,28) One study indicated the herb has a protective effect on the inner ear in preventing ototoxic reactions from anti-biotics.(29)  

NOTE: Batch number 0312 does not contain Pyrola.

Schizonepetae tenufolia – Traditionally used for releasing Exterior Wind-Heat with signs of headache, sore throat and red eyes. The herb is also a mild bronchodilator.(7) Clinical study results demonstrate the herb’s anti-inflammatory properties.(30,31,32,33)

Uncaria rhynchophylla – Traditionally used for Liver Wind and Liver Fire patterns with headache and red, painful eyes.(3) The herb is also used for Liver Yang rising signs such as hypertension and feelings of distention in the head.(8) Clinical studies confirm the relaxant effects of Uncaria on the nervous system.(34,37,38) Uncaria may also have a protective effect on the brain and nervous system(36,37) and shows promise in protecting against Alzheimer’s disease.(35)

The ingredients for Vog Buster Tea were chosen with great care. Our goal was to create a delicious tea that anyone could drink anytime. A tea that is safe enough for everyone, including pregnant women and children. A tea that is full of health promoting and protecting constituents. And a tea that also has a protecting and relieving effect for the most common effects that exposure to air pollutants has on the body.

Len Jacoby, M.S., L.Ac. Dipl. Chinese Herbology (NCCAOM)
President, Healing Dragons

Stuart Kahan, Ph.D.,
Director of Research, Healing Dragons
© September 2009



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