Fragrance Chi Gung

Heung Qi Gung (Cantonese)

Xianggong (Mandarin)

Chi Gung exercises consist of a series of movements, often repetitive, and sometimes associated with breathing rhythms, that are traditionally used to build the body’s Chi or energy and to strengthen the functions of the body’s energy channels and organs . Medical Chi Gung exercises, like Fragrance Chi Gung, have traditionally been used for improving health and strengthening the immune system. Tai Chi, on the other hand, while also involving the movement of Chi in the body, is primarily a martial art. There are hundreds of varieties of Chi Gung originating in China. Fragrance Chi Gung is a favorite of my teacher, Dr. Lam Kong of Northern California, because it is easy to do and yet is very effective. The name derives from the observation that after practicing regularly a person begins to smell good. This video was produced on the bank of the Wailuku River near Hilo, Hawaii around 1995 by Angela Longo, PhD., L.Ac. and is performed by Dr. Lam Kong. Practice Fragrance Chi Gung every day and your immune system will strengthen and your health and energy will improve.
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Dr. Lam Kong Demontrating Fragrance Chi Gung